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Soffia Softener ™ Fabric Softness Rose & Baby Powder *Aroma Scent*

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Soffia Softener Blends coat the surface of a fabric with chemical compounds that are electrically charged, causing threads to “stand up” from the surface and thereby causing the fabric to feel softer. Soffia softener blends helps prevent buildup of static charge that can occur in clothes dryers, include improvements of iron glide during ironing, increased stain resistance, reduction of wrinkling and pilling, and reduced drying time. Quality Value Verified & Tested, 100% Manufacture Warrantied & Insured.

Royel Corp WET is a leading chemicals engineering and testing lab & Chemical Manufacture!

All products purchased has been:

  • Tested and Approved
  • Quality Control Checked
  • Built with Government Guide lines to make our products safe for the customer and environment
  • 100% manufacture warranty and insured
  • Satisfaction and Quality Value Guaranteed

Here at Royel Corp WET quality is important each product is designed to cover 100% radius of the market: Quality, Functionality, Stabilization, Children, Adult, Elderly use, Machine operation use: We understand the machines, dispensers, and equipment used for laundry and its our job to built a product that works best in all machines. Depending on Machines we do carry various grades as well.

Just like any leading in today world Royel Corp WET is dedicated to continue to provide a high quality all purpose laundry detergent that covers the entire market.

“A powerful new formulation, Designed to clean up the market with quality, strength and performance!”

~ Royel Corp WET

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Soffia Fabric Softener is a Brand you can Trust!

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