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Royel Corp WET: Laundry Project (aka:) The Laundry Project –

royel corp wet laundry project

Notice: Alondra Detergent & Soffia Fabric Softeners are used to Wash Customers Clothes like these around the United States Free of cost! (on the washer machine is our Alondra 2.5 Gallon detergent Bottle!

Royel Corp WET: Alondra, Rhea, Soffia Brand: Laundry Project

Royel Corp WET: The Laundry Project: is committed to giving back to the community in a special way. Our Alondra, Rhea, Soffia Brands are given and used to help wash people clothes for free around the USA. Communities all over get to wash there clothes for free. Using our National Brands Royel Corp WET / The Laundry Project gives back to help those in need who cannot afford or struggle to wash there laundry.

We are proud to offer our brands and services to the community! Thousands of loads washed! Thousands of people provided with clean clothes! Before buying other brands remember our brands give back out of our pocket not yours.

As long as we keep giving back to the community there is no doubt our company and brands will do more then just impact society. We are there when it comes to helping people wear clean clothes, save cost on money. Royel Corp WET forged partnership in the laundry project to service the public is a great inspirational to everyone.

We are Proud to be apart of a great event.

Keep buying Alondra, Rhea, Soffia Brands and will keep giving detergents and softeners to people who need help washing laundry.


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Jason: Thank you for all your hard work! The amount of money we have donated to servicing the community is not as important as helping the community! The thousands we spent during the years providing is nothing compared to the hearts touch!

The Laundry Project (

Royel Corp WET: Gives Back/Supports/Demonstrates its leadership to service the community all over the usa!

We have been servicing the community in many ways like this for many years and plan to keep giving back for many years to come.

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